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Holiday How-To Style Guide

Posted on December 04, 2013
Like every season, we're always digging through our closet to find the perfect or ideal outfit for an event we're invite too. We're always worried about whether or not our outfit is appropriate for the occasion. We find ourselves carrying 2 outfits so that we can make that quick change for whatever is next on our schedule. Sometimes, we're dashing home for an outfit change because of our back-to-back engagement. 

This time around, ClosetDash and KadesMode is here! The looks we've created are for 3 different girls with 3 different lifestyles. The main point of these looks is to show you that whatever it is that you are wearing, you can take it from day to night by simply adding or removing layers, NEVER changing your entire look. Hopefully you can find yourself relating to one of these girls and using these tips to keep you on-the-go and stylish this season (and for many more)!


View a replay of the live video cast (via Spreecast) below

Cooperate Girl 
The Cooperate Girl look is about making your outfit versatile, taking it from day to night. This is made possible by choosing a piece underneath that can stand alone while adding an outerwear, for example a blazer, that can make your outfit suitable for the office. Accessorizing with a necklace or a scarf will complete your outfit giving you the ability to have an outfit for the morning than taking off a layer and making it appropriate for an evening cocktail event.

Shop Cooperate Girl Look 1:

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Creative & Start Up Girl
Unlike the Cooperate Girl, the Creative & Start Up girl has more of a causal look. She likes to play around with funky and cool prints and playing with the texture and patterns of the clothing. Being resourceful, she can make do of her current pieces in her closet, for example, adding a skirt over a dress! This is a perfect example of a 2-in-1 outfit! Different from the Cooperate girl look, she's able to play up her look and arrange her wardrobe to highlight different aspects of her outfit.

Shop Creative & Start Up Girl Look 1:

Shop Creative and Start Up Girl Look 2:

Shop Creative & Start Up Girl Look 3:

Fashionista Girl
Our fashionista girl likes to have fun. She's all about being loud and playful with her outfits. She's creative and daring, mixing colors and patterns and even wearing a monochromatic outfit. She enjoys experimenting and isn't afraid of trying different colors or print combinations. Fashionistas are fashion conscious. They are up to date with the latest trends, incorporating the trends into their daily outfits yet still making it their own. 

Shop Fashionista Girl Look 1:

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