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Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

Posted on October 18, 2012 | 0 comments

The arrival of giant pumpkins, neon spider webs on every wall and giant pop up costume shops in previously abandoned storefronts means that Halloween must be right around the corner. As nice as the use of space must be for the once a year business ventures, the mindful trickster will know to stay away from the hysteria of chasing down that expensive costume-by-number wall for the last Pirate Wench ensemble only to end up one of at least five other polyester wenches at the party. 

Buying a new costume every year is wasteful and gets pretty expensive. Take it from someone who has not purchased a pre-packaged costume since freshman year of high school: you can get by without. And that only happened because I was in a bind so I will most certainly be trading it in on October 25th at the ClosetDash Shop Halloween Costume Swap. If you have any old costumes lying around, and who doesn’t?—come by and swap them for something new next Thursday evening at the shop. There will be treats for all the responsible Halloweeners! 

Through the use of creative means and by sharing costumes with friends, I have been able to get by for over a decade (that is at least 10 Halloween parties!) by using things I already had and turning them into wild costume ideas. Granted, I frequently get the “And what are you supposed to be?” question at a party, but hey—at least I don’t have to worry about being confused with the other girl dressed like Pocahontas and pay $100 for it. Try it out for yourself this year, get your creative juices flowing and save some cash in the process. Here are some easy places to start

One Stop Prop Shop:

Cowgirl – Got a pair of cowboy or riding boots? This recent trend lends itself well to some creative and easy costuming. Throw on some jeans and a flannel shirt, now the only thing that’s missing is a cowgirl hat and a Texan drawl. Yeehaw!

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Embroidered Button Down Shirt

Vampire – Yes it’s been way overdone, but hey there is a reason and they are pretty trendy right now. It is also the easiest sexy costume on the planet. A form-fitting black dress, some red lipstick and dark eyeliner, high heels and a pair of fangs, and you are set for a night of seduction--drinking red wine will help get you in character.

Calvin Klein Red Turtleneck Dress

Celebrities – Name an inspirational over-the-top performer like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry—and what better excuse is there to wear those ridiculous high heels you bought but never wear out.

Clovis "Baby Girl" Graphic Tee
Leopard Print Faux Fur Skirt

Gypsy/Fortune Teller – A long peasant skirt with a colorful scarf, arm bangles, and some glittery makeup will get you through the evening just fine. For the fortune teller aspect, it helps to have an enchanting foreign accent and to go up to every person, grab them by the arm and say “Let me tell you what I see in your future…” That should give them a hint.

Brown Knit Knee Length Skirt

Angel/Fairy If you have a pair of wings lying around or are willing to invest in one, this will give you a chance to wear some see-through fabrics or cute dresses. A friend of mine once appeared as a green fairy, as in the Absinthe fairy, it won best costume of the night.

Forever21 Slip Dress

Witch - Eyeliner, a pointy hat, and a black dress, maybe some black lipstick if you are willing, and you have probably the most popular costume on the planet. Easy as pie.

Wet Seal Black Sequin Dress

Getting Creative:

You can use some cheap props like spiders, mice, snakes, or other bugs to create your own vision of the freaky and the weird. Martha Stewart Living Magazine had some cute ideas of how to put insects to work, including this cute beekeeper costume. Beekeeping is in this year.

For a more advanced recycling project, use your broken black umbrellas to turn into a bat. Or recycle an old nightgown and attach some stuffed cats to shock everyone as the crazy cat lady. Naming each kitty and referring to them as “My darlings” will help you fit the part.

Into the jungle:

You can also rely on animal make up and some animal prints or fur (leopards, tigers, bunnies, just to name a few) to create a fun look. But if this is all too much for you, you can just do your nails in some Halloween patterns and call it a day.

Got creative DIY Costume Ideas? We’d love to hear them @ClosetDash and on our Facebook page.

Viktoriya, aka Ms. Swaperina, is proud to participate in the collaborative consumption community. She expertly seeks out good food, travel opportunities, and nice clothes that can be enjoyed in an environmentally conscious manner. When she is not busy swapping at ClosetDash Shop, she derives pleasure from learning new skills, taking photos, and exploring the endless possibilities of the Internet.
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