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A Swaperific Weekend

Posted on October 02, 2012 | 0 comments

A Swaperific Weekend


Alright, I will be the first to admit it: I may have gone a little overboard at the ClosetDash Shop this weekend. But I had good reason! The items pictured above were lying around just waiting to be given a new home—some had not seen the light of day in years. A few of these were brand new, others were barely worn, but all could fit in much more nicely in someone else’s life. I had to let go of the all-too-familiar instinct to keep these things because I could “wear them eventually” and go in and trade them for something that I would wear now.

And look what happened, I walked away with four season-appropriate outfits that I absolutely love, basically for free! All things considered, I did very well—especially when I mixed in some items I had gotten at the Grand Opening Swap. Remember, I traded in items for all of these, but they could have also been purchased for the super low prices I listed. I wore at least two of these outfits this weekend to show off my new threads, and they are looking forward to many more wears.



Banana Republic Black Silk & Cotton top w/tie sleeves - $5
White Cotton Striped Skirt with Sewn Star Pattern - $15

These two paired so well together and went effortlessly with black tights and a pair of thrifted black boots.





Express Tank Dress with Denim Skirt - $15
Long Wavy Purple Scarf - $15

The scarf was a spontaneous choice, as I do not usually wear many loud funky accessories. But swapping lends itself well to experimenting—if an item doesn’t work out, trade it back for something that does. In this case, I am pretty happy with how it looks with this basic dress.





My favorite find was this super cute patterned Christina Jacobs dress - $15
At home I put it together with leather Miz Mooz Booties - $35 and layered a Banana Republic Beige Cardigan on top - $20 both of which I had gotten at the grand opening two weeks ago.





 My fourth and final outfit came out of the jean swap, and you can watch my video to see the successful end to a long happy morning of swapping and shopping. 


Now isn’t it time you tried this little experiment for yourself? Look through your wardrobe, see something you haven’t worn in over a year, maybe two? Bring it to the ClosetDash Shop next weekend and trade it in for items you will enjoy. Or if you just want to grow your collection, check out their bargain selection of name brand items, in all seriousness---where else can you get deals like this?


Viktoriya, aka Ms. Swaperina, is proud to participate in the collaborative consumption community. She expertly seeks out good food, travel opportunities, and nice clothes that can be enjoyed in an environmentally conscious manner. When she is not busy swapping at ClosetDash Shop, she derives pleasure from learning new skills, taking photos, and exploring the endless possibilities of the Internet.

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