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closetdash showroom swap party

We’ve all been there: The mad dash of a sample sale, grabbing anything and everything just because it’s 70% off, only to be left with a handful of clothes that JUST DON'T WORK.  Now: They sit in your closet mocking you for your impulse purchase, all the while taking up valuable real estate. You don’t want to donate them (they still have tags on!) and posting them to a marketplace is so exhausting!  And forget the consignment shops with their high fees, unpredictable sales and strict acceptance policies...

Closet Dash Earth Day Swap Party in Union Square New York City April 2013

So why not swap those items for something you’ll actually use?  Enter ClosetDash to save the day!  Step inside our infinite closet and evolve the way you shop for clothes.  ClosetDash makes fashions more accessible to every gal with a wardrobe and some style.  Now you can turn that Theory blazer into a new Alice + Olivia dress!

closetdash founder and ceo jennifer lee

Founded by Jennifer Lee, she set out to find a fun, affordable, and green way for women to be fashionable. The inspiration for ClosetDash arose from the hugely successful swap party events she hosted. What started as 30 person events soon turned into 100 person events with over 1,500 items being swapped per party!  Now this experience is brought online with ClosetDash.com!

Jennifer escaped from the world of Wall St by digging a hole under her desk, during her very short water breaks, into the A/C vents.  After miles of dark tunnels and dust bunnies, and with Bailey, her trusty Pomeranian, as her guide, she emerged in Brooklyn and began her quest to spread the gospel of swapping! Armed with a BA from UC Berkeley and MBA from Columbia University, Jennifer is determined to have everyone see the amazing benefits of shopping and swapping preloved clothes!

closetdash boutique during a regular business day

Some of our happy swappers with their #ClosetDashFinds!

And some of our ClosetDash Events!

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