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45-50 30th Street 7th FL Studio #9
Long Island City, NY 11101
(646) 845-9995

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ClosetDash LookBook: http://photobucket.com/closetdashshopPR
ClosetDash Grand Opening Photos: http://photobucket.com/closetdashshop
ClosetDash Blog: http://www.closetdashshop.com/blogs/news
ClosetDash Press and Mentions: http://www.closetdashshop.com/pages/press-mentions

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Press Release

Can’t Consign it? Hate to Auction it? 
Swap it at ClosetDash!
We’ve all been there: The mad dash of a sample sale, grabbing anything just because it’s 70% off only to be left with a handful of clothes that just don’t work. Now they sit in your closet mocking you for your impulse purchase while taking up valuable real estate. You don’t want to donate them (they’ve still got tags on!) but the thought of posting it to an auction site exhausts you. And forget the consignment shops with their high fees, unpredictable sales and strict acceptance policies. 
So why not swap those items for something you’ll actually use? Enter ClosetDash to save the day! Recently featured in New York Magazine, ClosetDash is the first and ONLY shop dedicated to shopping and swapping brand-name Women’s Apparel, Shoes and Bags. It takes the consignment shop model to the next level by giving full credit to shoppers to swap their items for items at ClosetDash
Founded by Jennifer Lee, an escapee from the world of Wall Street, she set out to find a fun, affordable and green way for women to be fashionable. The idea for ClosetDash came from her very successful promotional swap party events she hosted. What started as 30 person events turned into 100 person events with over 1,500 items being swapped per party! Just this year between the parties and the shop, more than 7,000 items have been swapped amongst over 800 participants. 
The practice of swapping has numerous benefits for the economy, the environment, and for individuals. During these frugal times, swapping helps budget conscious individuals upcycle their goods and get new items, while creating more efficient uses for their possessions. Swapping also has long-reaching effect on the manufacturing industry by decreasing the demand for water, energy and raw materials as the need for new items diminishes. Best of all it gives individuals a sense of accomplishment and excitement when they know their items are in better hands, and a little reward for themselves as well since they get to take home a new treasure!
Please visit www.closetdash.com for more information.



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